FPO: For Print Only

Part of the UnderConsideration network, For Print Only is one of the very best blogs around that focus on printing techniques and stocks. If you’re a print geek and know your uncoated from your foils and perfect binding from your silkscreens, this is the blog for you.

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Noisy Decent Graphics

One of the very best personal design blogs around, Ben Terrett’s Noisy Decent Graphics is a fine source of found graphics, design articles, inspirational content, news and views.

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Veerle’s Blog

The personal blog of Belgian Veerle Pieters is hugely popular in the web standards community, but has so much to offer anyone with an interest in design and is packed with detailed, thoughtful content.

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Going strong since 1998, Carole Guevin’s Netdiver is the grandaddy of web design blogs and still manages to deliver inspiring, relevant content on a regular basis.

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Australia’s number one lifestyle blog, since 1999, the art and design section of the gigantic Lifelounge website delivers an inspiring feed of illustration, design and photography from around the world.

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We Love Typography

An invitation only bookmarking site with, you guessed it, focus on typography, We Love Typography provides a must-see source of inspiration for any serious font fan.

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Fecal Face

Presenting dirty, messy, challenging art and design since 2000, Fecal Face is the definitive source of design inspiration for those with a punk rock and skateboarding culture aesthetic.

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Beautiful/Decay Magazine

What began as a DIY, photocopied zine, Beautiful/Decay has become a leader in delivering inspiration for lo-fi, cutting-edge illustration and photography and this brilliant, frequently updated blog now accompanies their printed publication.

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Vectro Ave

Photography and illustration are heavily featured on this simple but effective source of design inspiration.

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Dedicated to the most curious and creative of design projects, UnderConsideration’s Quipsologies is an essential source of inspiration for those designers who pride themselves on thinking outside the box.

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