Design is Kinky

Delivering brilliant lo-fi inspiration, with a heavy illustration focus, from Sydney, Australia since 1998, Design is Kinky is a design blog institution, and with content like this it looks set to stay that way.

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Grain Edit

Standing out from the crowd, Grain Edit’s unique focus of classic design from the 1950s to 1970s sets it apart as a must-read source of unique design inspiration.

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Brand New

One of the UnderConsideration network of blogs, Brand New is probably the best design blog out there that is focused solely upon brand identity. If you’re looking for inspiration on putting together a new identity, this has to be your first port of call.

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ISO50 Blog

The official blog of superstar designer Scott Hansen, ISO50 Blog is packed to the rafters with the sort of beautiful vintage design inspiration that his work is so famous for.

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Smashing Magazine

Probably the biggest, and most widely read, web design blog on the planet, Smashing Magazine is an essential resource for tips, tricks, tutorials and articles.

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Lovely Package

A slick and regularly updated source of inspiration for all with a passion for packaging design, Lovely Package is one of the world’s leading blogs in it’s niche.

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Trendland began in 2006, started by visionaries Cyril Foiret and Ani Tzenkova. It’s one of the hottest spots to find the latest trends in fashion, design and art – and it’s one of the coolest sites we’ve come across.

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Swiss Legacy

Art Director Xavier Encinas’ typography and graphic design blog, Swiss Legacy, is one of the world’s leading sources of inspiration for modernist and contemporary design.

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One of the oldest, if not the oldest, design blogs around, Surfstation continues – after 10 years – to deliver high quality news and views from illustration through photography.

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Picked By Six

A regular feed of inspiration for the UK agency Six, Picked By Six is one of the very best agency led sites around and is a constant source of ‘off the beaten track’ design inspiration.

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