About Us

‘Best Blogs: Design’ is a chart of the most inspirational design blogs from around the world and part of the Best Blogs Network.

With input from top industry experts like Elliot Jay Stocks and Veerle Pieters – the initial top 50 has been compiled through a set of criteria that includes design and content, Alexa and Technorati ratings, Twitter followers and curation from our expert team alongside known industry insiders. Over the course of time we hope Design Blogs will become an essential tool for users looking for the best design blogs on the internet, along with becoming a highly coveted accolade for those who are recognised.

We have carefully selected the blogs on the chart with a set of criteria – see How It Works – but, if you have a design blog that you write, love, or feel is better than those currently in the top 50, feel free to Contact Us.

In addition, we are also looking to promote design talent from around the world by including their work on our Best Blogs Network websites. The backgrounds will change on a regular basis featuring work from hand-picked artists.

The image above is work from the portfolio of graphic designer Gareth Procter.