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Design Blog Interviews: Beautiful Decay

As we continue to look into the hows, wheres and whys of your favourite design blogs, we spoke to Amir from LA based Beautiful Decay. Here’s what he told us;

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Design Blog Interviews:

The Design Blogs Top 50 chart is not just about showcasing the best design blogs on the internet, but giving you an insight into the people behind the blogs, how they work and what makes their blog successful. We talked to Charlotte Cheetham, the Paris based blogger behind Manystuff – our current number 33;

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Design Blogs Top 50: So Many Submissions Already

Wow, what a response – we only launched the Design Blogs Top 50 a few days ago and there’s already been so many suggestions, it’s amazing that there’s so many brilliant design blogs out there. All your entries will be considered for future updates of the top 50, and from what we’ve seen already – some are sure to break in. In the meantime we’ll try and share as many as we can with you on our blog, so without further ado, here is our first pick of submissions;

Please keep your submissions, favourite design blogs and comments coming in; we’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far and hope it continues, truly amazing seeing so much blogging talent out there! Barnmemulcuicon


Best Blogs on Twitter

The Best Blogs Network is now on Twitter and we’re looking for suggestions for Design Blogs, along with blogs in our other forthcoming top 50 charts – those being Style Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Music Blogs, Travel Blogs and Technology Blogs. If you run, regularly read or just absolutely love any blogs in those categories then please get in touch – send us a tweet to @bestblogstv and use the #bestblogs hashtag, we look forward to hearing from you. Terlimolvingring


Joe Van Wetering

Whilst we’re promoting the top design blogs around, we’re also keen to promote design talent – one of the ways we’re going to be doing this is through featured artist backgrounds. The background image you see on the site at the moment is courtesy of Chicago born and bred graphic designer, Joe Van Wetering, who – with a portfolio that includes work for the likes of Computer Arts, New York Times Magazine and iDN – is a talented young illustrator on the up. Stay tuned for more featured artists and design articles on our blog. site subdomains . Paretmortnanthe


Welcome to Design Blogs

The first website in the Best Blogs Network has officially launched. Design Blogs is a carefully curated chart of the top 50 design blogs on the internet today. With input from top industry experts like Elliot Jay Stocks and Veerle Pieters – the initial top 50 has been compiled through a set of criteria that includes design and content, Alexa and Technorati ratings, Twitter followers and curation from our expert team alongside known industry insiders. The chart will change over time and we’ll be introducing levels of interactivity for our users, in the meantime if you wish to suggest anything please contact us. All that’s left to say is a big CONGRATULATIONS to ‘It’s Nice That‘ for being our first number one design blog.